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How India Spends Its Time with Media

Over the years, as the number of devices per house in India increased, the time spent with media skyrocketed. Without media, it’s hard for the people to catch up with anything that’s happening around the world. With new kinds of media like podcasts, digital newspapers, and more popping up, India’s time spent with media will only increase in the years to come.


With every coming year, people are spending more time on their mobile phones than on watching TV. This is because carrying around mobile phones is more convenient and video streaming services are making it easier to watch TV channels and movies wherever you are and whenever you want. As a company, spending money on promoting your business on a specific media depends upon where your target audience spends more time.

It’s best to keep a lookout on social media trends to understand how your customers or users are spending their time and the way they interact with each platform. Although Facebook has a lot of users, Instagram is taking over the social media game and is seeing a rise in the number of users and time spent on the platform. Brands have to get to know the importance of targeting a certain sociamedia platform and building their presence on it as it increases brand awareness as well as its reach.

Credit: 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social

When you spend time on evaluating various parameters and user demographics, it will help your brand in the long run. These factors will solely determine your brand’s success in being able to achieve the desired results.

Credit: 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social

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