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How Indian health and hygiene brands have risen to the Covid-19 challenge

While Covid-19 is doing the rounds, major health and hygiene brands in India are deciding to step up and do their part in helping the country.

The World Health Organization has advised everyone to wash hands frequently and keep our surroundings clean. This is why there is a sudden soar in the need of health and hygiene products not only for the people but also for the healthcare and public workers who are working day and night to keep us safe from this deadly virus.

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Health and hygiene brands are doing whatever it takes to make sure to meet the demand during this time. Not only healthcare companies but big supermarkets, medical shops, restaurants that would be open during this time would also need sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps, wipes in order to keep their workplace hygienic and free from any kind of virus.

As everyone is online during the time of lockdown in India, health and hygiene brands are stepping up their advertisement campaign game and are going above and beyond in improving their branding and social media marketing. They’re creating excellent brand awareness all while talking about the importance of staying clean.

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Recently, Paytm partnered with Lifebuoy and YouWeCan, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s foundation and is encouraging the app’s users to contribute some amount so that Paytm could distribute soaps and hand sanitizers to health care workers. Both Paytm and Lifebuoy bore the costs to distribute 10 lakh hygiene products first and only then, started asking for contributions.

Savlon has started manufacturing hand sanitizers at a reduced price in efforts to help keep the public safe. ITC has cut down the price of Savlon hand sanitizers by Rs. 50 and is manufacturing them at a fast rate so there wouldn’t be a shortage in the market. Savlon is also encouraging people to wash their hands by advertising on televisions.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a health and hygiene product company in Britain, has pledged £32 million to fight coronavirus around the globe and is helping distribute 10 million Dettol soaps in India. In addition to soaps, RB will also hand out 3.5 million N95 masks and give away a million liters of Lizol and Harpic to administer the needs of disinfecting public places and healthcare facilities around the world.

Pee Safe, a personal hygiene brand has rolled out a new hand sanitizer named Raho Safe which claims to kill 99.9% germs. This was brought to the public to meet the sudden surge of hygiene products in the country amidst the coronavirus scare. Talking about the new product, Pee Safe’s founder, Vikas Bagaria has said that in addition to killing 99.9% of germs, they have also priced it very reasonably as a way to meet their objective to make it accessible to everyone.

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Dettol and Lifebuoy have also started new TikTok challenges which have been recognized as famous brand advertising campaignsin which they promote handwashing. So far, they have garnered over 24.3 and 5.3 billion views. Both the brands use the hashtags #HandWashChallenge and #LifeBuoyKarona and tell their users to post videos of them washing hands with those hashtagsTikTok is a great platform with billions of users around the world and hygiene brands have outdone themselves in getting creative with their promotions.

Dettol’s handwash challenge involves 4 steps which ensure the people wash their hands properly.“Rub palms together”, “Rub fingers and thumbs”, “Rub nails on palms” and “Rub the back of hands” are the 4 steps. This challenge has become viral in such a short span with a lot of people promoting it on their Instagram and other social media handles as well.

The #LifeBuoyKarona challenge asks users to tag 3 friends to help spread the challenge to stay protected. The challenge says “Spread the word, not germs” and tells us to wash hands like a boss.

This challenge was taken up by celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Badshah and many others as a way to promote hand washing to stay safe from the Coronavirus.

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he Godrej Group and Patanjali are slashing prices on hygiene products to cater the needs of ever-growing demand of products during a time like this.

Not only health and hygiene companies but top tech and digital media companies, ad agencies, healthcare companies are also doing their part in helping India find its way out of the current Coronavirus situation and as responsible citizens, it’s important that we follow necessary precautions and listen to the Government’s advice.

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