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Love for Punjabi Music in Delhi NCR is a great way to tap into more audiences!

The new age media marketers including even social and digital media marketing experts are constantly encouraging and promoting vernacular content as the new trend. And that is indeed a great choice. As a matter, print media has been using this simple technique to reach out to almost every corner of the country for decades. However, the use of vernacular content for promotional activities and targeting relevant audiences has only been used in limited ways in terms of radio advertising.

Being one of the best radio advertising agency and having a hands-on experience of eleven years, we have already established the significance that is held by radio in the world of advertising and marketing. The return on the investment promised and offered by the radio advertisements developed by our team of professionals is astoundingly impressive. Nonetheless, that is not the topic for today. In fact, today, we are going to lay down emphasis on how the love for Punjabi music amongst the local crowd can be brought out to proper use in order to reach out to a wider set of audiences through active radio advertising in Delhi NCR.

When talking about the local crowd, we cannot under any circumstance forget to take a look on to the recent census reports, which, in this case, happens to be of the year 2011. The 2011 census of India reported the urban area population in two distinct figures, that is, 16,314,838 people residing within the National Capital Territory (NCT) and 21,753,486 people residing within the National Capital Region (NCR). What’s interesting about these figures is, that the total population is primarily dominated by five communities that are Jats, Punjabis, Vaish, Gujjars and Sikhs with a population density of 10%, 9%, 8%, 7%, and 4% respectively, cumulatively forming up to 34% of the total population. It is noticeable that each of these communities has either Punjabi or a Punjabi influenced dialect as their mother tongue. Perhaps this is one of the major reasons why Punjabi music is a fan favorite when it comes to the people of Delhi NCR.

Furthermore, Delhi NCR has two of its neighboring states (Punjab and Haryana) that have a vibrant past associated with the Punjabi language. Being in close proximity to both of these states, Delhi NCR witnesses a proactive commute of the people belonging to these states for both formal and informal purposes, thereby further giving the boost to the demand for Punjabi music. Now, the interesting part is that both the local crowd as well as the oncoming tourists mostly engage themselves with Punjabi music through the multiple radio stations. Thus, making this a great opportunity for the local advertisers to tap into a larger segment of the regional and neighboring population.

Here is a list of five things that a Brand should consider while planning their radio campaign in Delhi NCR

Target shows that actively broadcast Punjabi music: This is a relatively easy job as there are many radio stations that actively promote and broadcast Punjabi music on their frequencies. However, it is crucial to identify the time of broadcast as there is a minute chance that you might lose out to your target audiences if your ad goes live at an incorrect moment.

Create advertisements using vernacular content: This is very important because you already know that the audiences you are about to target are already engaged within vernacular music. Therefore, it becomes rather critical to creating content that goes along with their linguistic taste in order to catch their attention.

Create contextual advertisements: Creating vernacular content-based advertisements is great and placing them amidst relevant show is even better. However, there is no point in broadcasting the advertisement for a tour planning company offering a trip to serene camping location in the middle of the hardcore party songs. Now, that was just an example and we might have even been a bit exaggerative about it. But, you get our point, right? So, create vernacular advertisements that can blend into the context of the shows you wish to place them in.

Create Punjabi advertisement jingles: Typically speaking, that is a smart move. Creating Punjabi jingles that resemble the tunes of the recent fan favorite will definitely fetch you the right kind of attention from your target market and audiences. Furthermore, it will also ensure that your target audiences remember your advertisement for a longer time.

Get endorsement from Punjabi music stars: Do we really need to explain how this will help your products and services to sell more amongst the target audiences? Television commercials have been using this trick for a long time, it’s time for the radio advertisement industry to capitalize on this as well.

So, there were five easy ways to get more out of less in terms of radio advertising, especially in the Delhi NCR region. How can we be so sure of it? Because we are the best Advertising Agency and we have delivered a lot more than our promises to every single client of ours.

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