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Top 10 Instagram Ad Agency Accounts

If you are not a regular on Instagram you are missing out on a lot of freshness! Instagram, today is not just for celebrities and gadget gurus to show off your stuff. At present Instagram is filled with Indian businesses small and big alike to connect with the generation X, Y, and Z all in one go. Eye-pleasing content is the prime reason for hooking millions of people in India and around to popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. So, which are the top Indian advertising agencies stealing the show with Instagram marketing? Let us find out!

1. Designboom Magazine 2.9M

Top 10 Instagram Ad Agency Accounts

This is the world’s first-ever online magazine popular for posting design marvels from the fields of architecture, interior designing, and art. In addition to daily newsletters, they publish interviews and studio visits of famous designers and artists around the world. They have been exceptionally covering international design fairs and art projects since their existence in 1999. It was called one of the ‘top 100 design influencers’ by Time Magazine. They even host design competitions every year along with large companies. They encourage booming designers to have their ‘marts’ at their furniture and design fairs. Their ability to showcase the best of artifacts and designer wonders on Instagram makes them the top followed one on this list.

@designboom: 2.9M followers

2. Harvard Business Review  2.2M

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

Harvard Business Review is a business management magazine from the house of Harvard University’s Harvard Business Publishing. HBR magazine is published six times a year and it makes equally appealing content on Instagram as well. If you are not aware of their online presence you are missing out on a lot of sharply researched posts.

Harvard_business_review is their Instagram account with carefully selected topics covering management tips and social messages relevant to practice management skills.

@harvard_business_review: 2.2 M followers

3. Madovermarketing_mom

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

Yes, they are mad about marketing and they talk about it all the time. This is a brand which talks about other brands yet has an impressive number of social media fans. Their brand motto is nothing but connecting with their followers for fun and instant suggestions. They have a cool collection of witty posts on popular advertisements jingles and taglines. They are celebrating the marketing efficiency of other brands in their own unique way. Their Instagram stories and feed will showcase funny takes on product taglines and brand names. They also host podcasts and polls on the latest happenings around the world. This is a full-fledged entertainment and marketing extravaganza for sure. They are truly, deeply, madly in love with marketing!

@madovermarketing_mom: 718k followers

4. Designtalks

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

This is a motivational and sourcebook type of account that graphic designers and brand heads can follow to get unique ideas for their graphical content. They have been sharing amusing visuals about making eye-appealing content for design portfolios. You can follow them if you are looking for new ways to upskill your designing expertise.

@design talks: 666k followers

5. Fast company

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

Fast Company can be accessed online and as a subscription magazine. They cover a wide range of topics including work-life issues, productivity improvement, creativity around the world, technology, and impactful articles. Their Instagram followers can see thoughtful graphical images linked to their equally commendable articles. They are the people who can be followed for staying up-to-date with the latest in and around the globe.

@fast company: 617k followers

6. Typetopia

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

This account is a must-follow one for people who love to play with colors and fonts. Their Instagram feed is filled with illustrations related to attractive fonts, logos, and color palettes. Followers can also see regular informative posts about using colors different font and color combinations.

@typetopia: 569k followers

7. Marketing mind

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

This is an account to follow if you want to be informed about current affairs, trending memes, advertising articles, and the latest events worth a read. On their Instagram profile, you can see what’s buzzing on the television, who is getting the most trolls, and some marketing-related facts. They have some interesting and quick-witted posts too which can be shared with your friends for a good laugh. 544k followers

8. BuzzFeed India

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

BuzzFeed India’s Instagram posts show sharp-witted situational memes about everyday life. They use images and dialogues visuals from movies or movie plots to make funny outcomes. They know how to tickle the funny bone of their followers. Looking at those, you might feel relatable about some situations. Worth a follow for laughing along with friends!

@buzzfeedindia: 449k followers

9. Adweek

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

Breaking news and articles on advertising, media, and technology are what you can expect from this account. Their Instagram profile boasts of all things a digital marketer can make use of for effective crowd-pulling. Follow this account to get more ideas on brand promotion, digital advertising, and facts-related to popular brands.

@adweek: 382k followers

10. Ogilvy

10 Creative Digital Agency Instagram Accounts - creative thinks media

They are a team working towards making brands matter the better way. A brand’s reputation can is as fragile as a glass bowl. A small misconception in coving messages can lead to a disaster. Ogilvy displays some informative Instagram posts about making brands make the right noise at the right time. They have been sharing insightful content about dealing with work during the pandemic.

@ogilvy: 381k followers

Instagram Marketing must have a different way of dealing with followers. It requires constant connect and instant responses.  When you know the content you are posting is a hit, make sure to keep the consistency too.

ad agency in India - creative thinks media

Digital Marketing practices when done with the right partner and strategies will prove beneficial in the long run. All Social Media Marketing techniques have a common bottom line of using compelling content and captivating visuals. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube remain the top social media networks for introducing new products, bringing the change, and gaining popularity. If you are stuck with any of these steps, let us know soon. We, at Creative Thinks Media are with you on this digital journey. With adequate research and brainstorming it is possible to get maximum followers and a constant fan-base too.

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