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Top 15 SEO Companies in India – 2020

Investing in SEO is critical for business development, whether you are looking to boost your ranking on search engine results pages, increase website traffic, or show up in local search results.

By making them user-friendly, quicker, and easier to navigate, Search Engine Optimization companies help to improve the efficiency of websites. Search engines have millions of questions that their users have to answer every day. Does your website have responses, like what? Lakhs of questions like that? Exactly! It is certainly possible to recruit SEO experts or the best SEO companies in India to help drive your business pages towards users. To see which might be the best match for your business objectives, a business should compare top-performing SEO agencies.

Creative Thinks Media recognizes the significance and has therefore compiled a list below from the rankings of India's best SEO companies:


SEO Valley Solutions Pvt, which was established in 2000. Ltd. is an agency for interactive marketing. SEO Valley Solutions. Ltd. is situated in India, in Bhopal. SEO Valley Solutions Pvt Ltd, with a team of about 70 members specializes in SEO, advertisement in social media, PPC, digital strategy, and maximizing conversion.

  • Noteworthy Project

In the city, a real estate developer wanted to improve its visibility and reputation. SEOValley Pvt Solutions created an SEO strategy that consisted mainly of link building campaigns was developed and implemented by Ltd.


  • Inn Holiday
  • Technologies HCL
  • Market Times International

Location- Bhopal, India

AWARDS - 2013-2014 Finalist for the Red Herring Prize


Creative Thinks Media is a Delhi/NCR based digital marketing agency with additional offices in Ludhiana, and Mumbai where SEO, web design, email marketing, and UX / UI design services are provided. The agency and its 50+ staff have social media marketing, PPC, and SEO expertise. 

  • Noteworthy Projects -

For a Client, Axis Bank Insurance offered digital marketing support. They built strategies for digital marketing, social media, and SEO keywords. PPC and email marketing campaigns were also developed by them. As a result of the project, the client was delighted with the growth in website traffic.

Clients - 

  • ICICI prudential insurance 
  • axis bank life insurance
  • Lucknow development authority

Location- Noida, India


SEO Discovery, based in Punjab, India, is a digital marketing firm. SEO Discovery's team of 220 + employees, established in 2006, specializes primarily in SEO services.

  • Noteworthy projects -

To provide digital marketing assistance, particularly with SEO feedback and backlink generation, SEO Discovery collaborated with a medical marketing agency. On the first page of Google search results, the SEO Discovery team helped the client install some of its clients.


  • Good Trimming
  • Photography by Shan
  • Digital Limited from Snatch
  • Consultancy from WillShall

Location- Punjab, India

  • AWARDS - Certified Partner of Google


Indeed Seo, based in Sas Nagar, India, is an SEO company. Established in 2012, IndeedSeo employs about 15 professionals as it aims to provide its small business, mid-market, and corporate customers with SEO services, as well as public relations and content marketing capabilities.

  • Noteworthy Projects

To enhance traffic, Indeed Seo developed an SEO and Google Ad Words campaign. A list of 30 keywords was created, most of which were ranked in the top 5 pages, and the majority on the first page.

Clients -

  • Australia's Paint Powder
  • Property party for RSN
  • Autoland First Class
  • Premier Packs for Men

Location- Sas Nagar, India

  • AWARDS - Certified Google Analytics Affiliate, Google Certified Affiliate, Accredited Professional Bing Advertising


ThatWare LLP, located in Howrah, India, is an SEO company. It was founded in 2018 and has a team of 8 people. SEO, content marketing, and digital strategy are the services provided by it. In the health care & medicine, e-commerce, and professional services fields, they predominantly represent small business and mid-market customers.

  • Noteworthy Projects

ThatWare LLP offers SEO services to a business that provides non-native speakers with English language courses. The bulk of the project concentrated on off-page SEO activities and offered on-site optimization advice. For the majority of selected keywords, the team received a first-page ranking and was admired for their professionalism.


  • Inc. of Sunray Opticals. 
  • Creative Technology from RS 
  • Eyeware by HeavyGlare
  • for 

Location - Howrah, India 

AWARDS - India Business Awards 2019: Best Agency for Digital Marketing 


Started in 2002, and located in New Delhi, Page Traffic is a search engine marketing (SEM) company having its other additional offices in Mumbai, India, and Chicago, USA. The business has a team of 69 individuals who specialize in SEO, marketing for social media, and marketing for content. They work with companies in several industries, including the sectors of education, healthcare & medicine, and hospitality & leisure. 

  • Noteworthy Projects-

For a financial brokerage company, Google PPC campaigns were produced by PageTraffic. The client decided to draw new clients, and on Google, PageTraffic created online advertising for the client. The client has seen an ROI and new leads since working with the company.


  • OLX
  • Raymonds clothing
  • The Lastminute
  • Location- New Delhi India


PromotionWorld Awards: Top 10 Best Enterprise SEO Company Awards January 2019

Promotion World Awards: Top SEO Company Awards January 2019

Promotion World Awards: Top 10 Best Enterprise SEO Company Awards December 2018, 

Promotion World Awards: Top 10 Best SEO Company Awards December 2018, 

Find Best SEO: Top 10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Awards 2018,

 Find Best SEO: Top 10 Best SEO Company Awards December 2018


Established in 2010 and based in Ahmedabad, India, Webmaxed is an SEO service provider. The under-50 team specializes in SEO, PPC, and digital strategy.

  • Noteworthy Projects

For a production company, Webmaxed offered digital marketing support. They built strategies for digital marketing, social media, and SEO keywords. PPC and email marketing campaigns were also developed by them. As a result of the project, the client was delighted with the growth in website traffic.


  • Styloko
  • Extole
  • G1X
  • ClearTrip
  • Location- Ahmedabad, India


WillShall is a marketing agency based in Mohali, India, that is creative and digital. Since the company's establishment in 2011, WillShall 's team of around 30 employees has specialized in e-commerce, web design, and SEO services. WillShall operates mainly in information technology, consumer goods, and retail sectors for small and mid-market customers.

  • Noteworthy Projects -

All aspects of design and production were handled by WillShall Building a wedding website with an RSVP feature and details of the location/event. The item delivered by WillShall met every requirement. For its aesthetically pleasing nature and ease of use, the website has received acclaims and praise.


  • Touch Revint
  • Gorney Paul
  • Orthodontics Masri
  • Cloud OS3

Location- Mohali, India

9. Webspero Solutions

Situated in Mohali, Punjab, India, and having its second office in Los Angeles, California, WebSpero Solutions is an online marketing, digital media, and management business. Established in 2015, this organization has a team of more than 100 professionals. WebSpero Solutions' offerings include SEO, PPC, and digital marketing.

  • Noteworthy Projects

An SEO project for a wholesale apparel business was taken on by WebSpero Solutions. To drive more traffic to the client's website, they were in charge of creating digital marketing campaigns involving SEO and PPC. Traffic to the site increased significantly as a result of the work of WebSpero Solutions.


  • Candy Couture
  • Byju by Byjuu
  • Marine BOE

Location — Mohali, Punjab, India


SERP WIZARD, based in Jaipur, India, is a PPC and SEO company. Their team of 26 employees, established in 2012, offers SEO, web design, and web development skills.

  • Noteworthy Projects

For their retail client, SERP WIZARD built a new website, offering unprecedented experience within their industry for a completed website and content marketing campaign that led to more sales and improved brand engagement. This contributed to the client's positive reviews.

Location- Jaipur, India


EZ Rankings is a New Delhi, India-based digital marketing agency with an office in West Chester, Pa. EZ Rankings was founded in 2010 and offers SEO, social media marketing, web creation, and conversion optimization services. In a variety of sectors, they serve a range of customers.

  • Noteworthy Projects

To improve Google rankings and visibility for the website, EZ Rankings did SEO. Tags, landing pages, and content for the web and social media were developed. They also executed the construction of links.

Clients - 

  • Lucina Care
  • Casio
  • Coverfox
  • Yatra
  • Location- Noida, India
  • AWARDS- Google acclaimed Partner, Hubspot acclaimed Partner, Bing Ads certified Professional, ISO 9001:2008 Certified


SEO Experts India, headquartered in Chandigarh, India, is a full-service internet marketing firm. The team was founded in 2009 and specializes in SEO, web design, and marketing of content.

  • Noteworthy Projects

For a hotel in Spain, SEO Experts India offers SEO. To increase sales, the goal is to obtain top search rankings on all major search engines. The team works on content development periodically. Overall, the hotel was pleased with the work done by the team.


  • Annex Medical limited
  • Medical Getaways

Location- Mohali, India

13. Ascent Web Portal

Ascent Web Portal, based in Noida, India, is an SEO and graphic design firm. This company, founded in 2014, has 17 employees. Ascent Web Portal provides companies of all sizes a variety of services including SEO, graphic architecture, PPC, and email marketing.

  • Noteworthy Projects

Ascent Web Portal has provided a travel platform with a variety of SEO services. To boost the client's search engine rankings, they carried out keyword recognition and site growth. All of their desired keyword rankings were achieved, the client reported.


  • Education Three 60
  • Advisors from Abramowitz
  • Webfluxxxing

Location - Noida, India


Techmagnate is a New Delhi, India-based digital marketing agency with an office in Belmont, Mass. Founded in 2006, the team of over 140 employees at Techmagnate offers SEO and mobile & app marketing services to businesses in advertising and marketing.

  • Noteworthy projects - 

To increase traffic to its website and increase its subscribed user base, Techmagnate has provided a health and wellness website with SEO services. Techmagnate made the URL more SEO-friendly, optimized title and Meta tags, generated content targeted at certain keywords, and established website backlinks. In four months, the client reported a 33 percent improvement in organic traffic.


  • Airtel
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Aditya Finance Birla Ltd.
  • Emaar India

Location- New Delhi, India

  • AWARDS- Google Partner Premier


Seotonic Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, with additional locations in Los Angeles and Hyderabad, India, is a full-service online marketing agency located in Bhopal, India. This company, founded in 2006, has 55 + employees. SEO and social media marketing services are the main services offered by Seotonic Web Solutions Pvt Ltd 

  • Noteworthy projects

Seotonic Web Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a printing business with ongoing SEO services and keyword targeting. Increased organic search rankings and larger amounts of traffic to their site were reported by their client.

  • Clients
  • Australia DTDC
  • Fishing In Alaska
  • Mobility MediPlus
  • Location- Bhopal, India

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