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Take Your Marketing Expertise A Notch Higher During Covid-19

Marketing, as comprehended by a majority of people does not solely comprise promoting a brand. It truly revolves around bringing to life a concept, creating a brand’s persona, and then curating unique campaigns to build its ground. But just like every other sector even the marketing sector endured its share of a hit from the widespread Covid-19.

Owing to the wave of Covid-19 a lot of young as well as reputed companies are finding it hard to rebound from the repercussions of the pandemic. But when campaigns are created and marketed right, they can do wonders.

So here are the key points to keep in mind while crafting campaigns to take your marketing expertise a notch higher during Covid-19.

  • Reflect Empathy and Support

The pandemic has undoubtedly been hard-hitting for everyone and reflecting the same and respect the struggle will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. This is your opportunity to showcase yourself as something more than just a brand. Portray with empathy the situation the pandemic created and how everyone came together in unity to support each other. With every person getting affected by Covid-19 differently it is essential for you to have a campaign that the masses can relate to. Here is an ad campaign by Creative Thinks Media beautifully highlighting the bravery, love, and support everyone, especially the medical sector has shown throughout our fight with Covid-19.

Video Source © Youtube

  • Have an honest approach

While drafting a campaign amidst the pandemic keeping in view the emotions of your audience it is important to not forget what your brand is about. Stay true to your brand values offering an honest insight to the people. Another ad that gathered tons of love from the viewers is by Facebook.

Video Source © Youtube

The ad has been titled “If we can find each other we are not lost” and it truly stands up to its name. The ad tastefully shows the chaos and darkness the initial phase of Covid-19 created which was eventually overpowered by the love and support every offered to each other. And that true happiness can be found by connecting with your loved ones. Facebook has always marketed the notion of bringing people together and has truly accomplished in showing the same in its recent ad.

  • Talk about the “New Normal”

The pandemic has definitely changed the way to live. With people getting accustomed to the “new normal” it is important to talk spread awareness about it. Talking about the mental and emotional changes that Covid-19 has brought along will help people accept the situation more

positively. Here’s a thought-provoking ad by Coca-Cola that’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster.

Unlike the many generic Covid-19 ads, this ad sheds light on the things this tough situation has taught us. How it has taught people to appreciate the little things in life, to give your best every day, and to love everything. Such campaigns offer hope and joy even in such times of uncertainty.

  • Talk about the bigger picture

An array of brands are talking about contributing to the bigger picture, but what does that mean? One such initiative was taken by delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy, and Amazon to name a few that stepped up to the responsibility of delivering food and other essentials during the lockdowns. Zomato also ran a “Feeding India” campaign where they distributed rations all over the country to the needy.

What this depicts is how certain individuals and organizations took the task of securing others without profiting or getting anything in return. Make sure to put across the same message in your marketing campaigns.

  • Prepare for the future

Amidst the horrors of Covid-19, Uber ran a campaign that touched people’s hearts everywhere. Their campaign was titled “Thank you for not riding with us.” A company whose entire business model revolves around assisting people commute urged the people to not travel via cabs and other public transport facilities during the pandemic. This not highlighted their concern regarding the well-being of people but also strengthened their trust and bond with their customer base.

These were the few things you ought to remember while drafting your next marketing campaigning betwixt a global crisis. We at Creative Thinks Media specialize in curating for our clients the most profound and commercially successful marketing campaigns. With a team that leaves no stone unturned to offer you nothing but the top results, you are bound to come back to us for all your projects.

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