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The Astounding 12 Years Journey of Creative Thinks Media

12 years ago, based on just a conversation over a cup of coffee, one of Delhi and Noida’s best advertising agencies was started. And what followed was indeed incredible. 

16th August also happens to be the company’s Founders Day, as on this day this advertising and media agency kickstarted its brilliant journey.

The Beginning

The year 2008 marked the beginning of Creative Thinks Media when friends and colleagues, making time out of their daily routines, came together to discuss how an ordinary person will grow into an acclaimed entrepreneur like Azim Premji, Ratan Tata, Bharti Mittal or Steve Jobs. 

The casual conversation turned into a full-throttle brainstorming session and on 16 August 2008 a mere idea of initiating something to help the fellow professionals took the form of a full-service advertising agency.

At Creative Thinks Media, people value the ethics of inspirational personalities and completely agree with Dhirubhai Ambani when he said-‘’ Think Big, Think Fast and Think for the Future.’’

12 Years of experience

Over the course of twelve years, with their unconventional advertising methodologies and out of box campaign strategies, the team at Creative Thinks Media have consistently managed to amaze the advertising industry. Having more than a decade of experience has helped them deploy superb marketing tactics by combining the very best aspects of conventional and digital marketing techniques which tend to outperform the estimated results every time. 

Since 2008, they have been one of the top advertising companies. Creative Thinks Media stands firmly on its notion of creating the little but the best, thereby enabling various individuals and organizations to market their respective goods and services across the world.


Over a period of twelve years, Creative Thinks Media has attained the mastery to manage well-orchestrated corporate events. Seminars, executive retreats, reward programs, thanksgiving days, tours of team building, or celebration of corporate achievement, just name it and make sure that your visitors remember you as the best guest in the region.

The services of Creative Thinks Media are

1) Print  

The printed advertisements have interesting ad copies, paired with beautiful graphic illustrations that tell the tale of the company, products, and services of their clients in the best way possible.

2) Radio

The creation of radio ads is guided by the team of experts to create audible extracts that are music for the ears.

3) Production

Even the minimalistic elements of industrial development are known by Creative Thinks Media and their team of enthusiastic experts knows how to work an absolute miracle in a short period.

4) Managing Events

An event is all you need to develop the perfect form of emotional bonding with your respective products or services and give your target audiences a different perspective.

5) Managing artists

Their Artist Management services exist as a bridge between the artists and the corporations requiring their endorsement and developing strong professional relationships that meet the needs of both parties.

6) Digital Marketing

They emphasize the custom creation of well-tested, analytically proven, and cost-effective and conversion-oriented strategies to meet brand outreach, lead generation, and awareness-building requirements of the customers.

Creative Thinks Media - Specialties

•  Professional

The team at Creative Thinks Media consists of professional people with skills and years of advertisement and marketing experience. They deliver beautifully crafted ideas at the right moment, with the right voice, in the right platform.

•  Experts of the industry

Creative Thinks Media provides clients with access to a network of experts from the frontline industry who help them gain essential knowledge. They help thousands of clients get answers to their most important questions, without having to leave their desks.

  • A creative agency for the modern Digital world

They’re an advertising agency that is creative and in tune with the latest technology problem, helping their clients by following the ever-changing digital scenario. They’re doing this by putting people first-always, defying the status quo and driving outcomes with combining creative, tech, and media approaches, together. The people at Creative Thinks Media are dedicated and work at a pace that the clients demand.

  • Number 1 company in advertising

Work comes first for Creative Thinks Media, they believe in providing clients with the best product and helping them meet their goals. With the rapid speed of technological change, it is easy to forget that human behavior’s biggest force – human emotions – remains steadfastly the same. At Creative Thinks Media, the team of professionals starts by unpicking these complex motivations and behaviors, theming this to create powerful and compelling creative ideas, and theming technology to maximize impact.

Exploring the brilliant world of marketing and advertising

Over the past 11 years, Creative Thinks Media has worked tirelessly to perfect the broad range of marketing and advertising services throughout the box concepts, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative strategies of implementation. Adding to this, to create tactically superior strategies that work, they have developed the expertise of combining various aspects of conventional and new-age marketing strategies to implement them flawlessly every single time

Creative Thinks Media- The best in the business- 

2000 + Happy Clients

1800 Projects Done

1000 + Events Organized

10000 + Brainstorming Sessions

Providing top ideas and tactics

Creative Thinks Media’s team is comprised of strategic practitioners who are motivated primarily by the need to plan, create, and strategize diversified marketing and advertisement strategies with higher than normal market penetration. As an innovative advertising agency, the team also aims to have aesthetically friendly media outreach which customizes in accordance with the clients' needs and demands.

Overall these years, their activities as a media advertising agency have been strongly influenced by the professional work ethic and constant striving for perfection. This simple habit has led them to recognize the fact that no one in this world, and nothing, can be perfect. Recognizing this basic fact not only encourages them to push the boundaries to new limits when it comes to supplying clients with a certain service but also holds the agency close to the reality that becoming a top advertising agency needs no less than constant upgrades.

To the point where they feel satisfied, every single aspect of the services is methodically reiterated and improvised. Also, they make all those improvisations and reiterations based on gritty facts which are derived from statistics.

That's precisely why Creative Thinks Media encourages the idea that an in-home team of technology and digital managers which is overseen by them should be constantly brainstorming into today's scenarios of all of their ad campaigns.

This typically gives them the tactical advantage of introducing real-time changes to all of the services that make them even better, thus rightfully awarding them the title of the best advertising agency in Delhi, NCR. Creative Thinks Media develop their client’s business being focused and persistent.

Creative Thinks Media- Creative, versatile and flexible 

As someone rightly said- ‘’Do not think that you can never be wrong. Do not think that their business will always work in a perfect way that you expect. Do not make perfection your target, but instead strive for Success.’’

And this has encouraged Creative Thinks Media to be even more versatile and accessible about their approach. 

Creative Thinks Media has confidently positioned itself over the years in its lifetime as the one-stop solution to meet the complex needs of corporate communication. They are the only media advertising agency that proudly and skillfully bridges digital marketing approaches in accordance with conventional and new age practices. Their integrated marketing techniques consist of commercial production, presidential, congressional and municipal political campaigns, documentaries, thematic videos, video-brochures, infomercials, short and feature films, and more.

In short, they provide enhanced researches and services relevant to any necessity for media marketing and management.

Indeed, the customers got comprehensive and enhanced support from them, which formed their working philosophy of "best or nothing." 

Experience from the past showing their ‘Best or nothing approach.’

The initial days when they produced a TVC for one of their customers was one such experience. Once they exchanged the draft agreements, they started working on the project, paid for the project and the project was handed over to them. Within a few days of initiation, they finished shooting the commercial and gave the can unedited, professional footage of the video.

The client seemed satisfied and agreed with them to finalize the edits and finish the project. However, their team did not find the TVC much appealing when the last edit was ended. Driven by their "best or nothing" method, they decided to approach the client and asked for a bit more time to refurbish the whole TVC without asking anything in exchange for their extra efforts. Their utter determination made the client give them a few more days to complete the entire operation. Upon completion of the 2nd TVC, the client was completely happy with it. The client was not only thankful for their efforts but decided to pay them for the extra efforts they worked on. This sort of experience over the years has steadily enhanced their commitment to becoming Delhi’s best advertising agency.

Knowledge of current Brand Market scenario 

If there is one thing that they have learned for more than a decade as a full-time advertising and digital organization, it is the importance of relationships. Their relationship with their clients is therefore both a priority and a source of pride to them. This also encourages them to provide well-researched and nicely developed strategies that tend to penetrate the target market rather easily. Their multifaceted approach to any particular campaign and the many tactics of creating multiple campaign-related themes consisting of real-time data and in-depth market research further enhance their ability to better penetrate the brand market.

Client’s efforts valued

As one of the best marketing agencies, they understand how crucial it is to reach their target audiences as the best available option for their products and services. They also appreciate the efforts that you make to build, improve, and manufacture certain products and services. And that's exactly why when Creative Thinks Media design a plan to take their clients’ products and services to the world, they put in the best minds at work.

In simpler terms, Creative Thinks Media’s work ethic can be understood by this Ratan Tata's quote- 

‘’Walk together to go the farthest but if you want to walk fast, walk alone.’’

About Creative Thinks Media

Creative Thinks Media, based in Noida, is a single-point advertising company that provides advertising and branding services. They specialize in services for Radio, Outdoor, and Online Media.

Creative Thinks Media has created the perfect combination for modern marketing and commercial advertising services and is specialized in radio advertising, TV advertising, commercials, print advertising, etc., as well as popular social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The advertising company has helped many companies meet their target markets since 2008.

Creative Thinks Media