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The Marketing World Post the COVID Pandemic

When the world is hit with pandemics like these, there’s little time to think and react to what is going to happen and how you would react to it. If we talk about companies and marketers, this time is crucial as this can be used to think about new strategies and plan out techniques on how to tackle the world post-pandemic. Here are a few insights from renowned marketers on who they’re using this time to shape businesses.

Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, RB Hygiene South Asia

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During the time of this lockdown, people are getting to know the importance of personal hygiene and the need to keep our surroundings clean as well. We take this chance to be on the front line and educate people on what’s the right way of keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. We recently came up with giving the public a message with Lizol in which we talk about the necessity and the right way of cleaning our homes so that we can stay safe. A lot of celebrities have stepped up to take part in this as well as they wish for people’s safety.

Our team has adapted to the new way of working remotely and it has bought us together even closer every time we communicate with any team member or colleague. People too have adapted to living in a new way that’s safer and more hygienic by understanding that it’s important to keep everything clean. They have started looking at how this pandemic is shaping everyone and everything and the post-pandemic world will only make this better for hygiene brands to help people all over the world stay safe.

We plan on prioritizing that our products meet the demands and never fall short especially during these tough times and the marketing plan that we had for the rest of the year, we’re shaping it accordingly so as to suit this time and needs.

Sumit Mathur, Director – Marketing, Kellogg South Asia

No matter how much we break down the problem, we always keep 3 things in mind- 1) be flexible and adapt, 2) solve whatever problems the situations and time throws at you, 3) be the first choice of consumers at a time when they can easily switch their minds.

As everyone is home, a lot of users are searching for healthy food recipes so that they could take care of their diets and health without putting on too much weight. Everyone from kids to adults and senior citizens is looking to find new ways to do this. As a part of Kellogg’s campaign, we bought forth the “21 days 21 breakfast recipes” campaign which our team worked upon for 72 hours before launching it.

When people spend too much time home, they continually evaluate all the possible options and choices before they make the purchase. It’s important as a brand to let the users know how relevant your brand actually is and how it is helping during these times. Only then, people will buy your product for the first time and even continue with it based on the trust and satisfaction gained.

A lot of marketing strategies are based on the questions we frame in what will happen to the market and consumers in the months to come. A lot of predictions have to be made and we will have to adapt accordingly with new techniques to ensure that consumers always get the best. Some of the questions we ask ourselves as a brand are-

1) How can Kellogg’s stand up with consumers during these tough times and prove to be trustworthy and reliable

2) How can we communicate effectively with our teammates and focus on shifting our time and resources to what’s important this time?

3) How can we be flexible in meeting the needs of our consumers?

Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing Beverages India, Tata Consumer Products

Consumers always look for products that give them a good feeling after buying them. They look for products that are customized and made in a way to suit them. After the lockdown is lifted, people would still have an unknown fear of avoiding certain places and not prefer to do certain things. Ecommerce is something that is helping everyone fulfill their needs all while staying at home and safe. These e-commerce purchases will only increase post the pandemic and businesses that are online will gain a huge positive response for the things they’re doing to help people out. Brands can take this time and use it for building a better eCommerce strategy that will serve customers in a greater way.

This lockdown has enforced new rules to be followed and this no-contact delivery might be prevailing even after the lockdown with people adapting to this change in fear of something else in the future.

The first goal is to see that both the demand and supply are just the right amount and that the supply doesn’t fall short in order to cater the needs of consumers. It is also vital that brands become agile with ever-changing consumer behaviors and interests.

Tata Consumer Products bought out a new ad that sends everyone a message that the younger people should support the elder citizens more than ever now as they are the ones who are the most vulnerable to the current situation. Tata tea is using the slogan ‘Is Baar Badon ke liye - Jaago Re’ to promote the message. The company is also rapidly promoting this on social media and teamed up with some NGOs in fighting this pandemic.

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