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5 Extraordinary Practices To Amp Up Your Festive Marketing Game!

Festivals are synonymous with joy, celebration, excitement, and get-togethers. The celebratory aura builds up a joy that allows people to indulge in various delicacies and the much-awaited shopping spree. This backs the fact that people tend to spend much more during the festive season than any other time of the year. This makes the festivities the best time to expand your customer base thereby, increasing your sales.

The festive season usually witnesses a major spurt in the spending capacity of people. It has been seen that people are more inclined towards shopping during the festive seasons owing to the great discounts and schemes that are offered. But what exactly do the marketers do to attract such consumer attention?

Given how vast and diverse India is, marketers from different fields have an array of themes to play with. Owing to the cultural diversity of India, celebrations never stop, and when a couple of festivals like Rakhi, Dusshera, and Diwali line up it’s a time of pure bliss and tons of festive offers! Multiple strategies are formulated by marketers to makes your festive season as great as it can be!

Here’s what you need to remember while curating your festive marketing strategy:

Amplify your Social Media Footprint: Festivities combined with the pandemic have entwined people more with their phones. Social Media is no longer just a platform to socialize, one can now purchase and sell various things via social media. With a decrease in the number of people stepping out to shop, well-marketed brands have seen a rise in their online sales. Making festivals and their various elements a part of your social media campaign is an amazing way to boost your presence online. Giving out festive discounts and launching new products are also great for festive marketing.

Be Creative: With each passing year, the competition amongst brands soars to a new height, and the best way to combat this is by letting your creativity flow. Make your festive marketing strategy bold and memorable by making the experience interactive for the consumers with games and chat sessions.

Set up temporary stalls: While there has been a boom in online sales, some people still prefer shopping from physical stores or stalls to see everything that the brand has to offers. So we suggest setting up temporary stalls if you don’t have a permanent store to showcase your products and to interact with your target customers in person.

Take a trip down memory lane: Using nostalgia and memories is a great way to connect with your customers and to evoke deep emotions in them. For Instance, a lot of brands focus on showcasing families bonding during festivities to ignite nostalgia amongst the consumers and to help them relate to the content.

Packing trends: The packaging of a product has a great impact on how the customers would react to it. Using fancy and festive packaging during the celebratory season not only grabs more attention but also make the customer curious about the product and eventually purchase it. Festivals are a time of major gifting in which the aesthetic appeal of a product is very important. Thus, using fancy or customized packing can have a great effect on the popularity of your product.

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