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Top 10 Branding Mistakes

In the early stages, several startups made branding mistakes and sabotaged their production. Even proven, larger-budget corporations have made catastrophic rebranding mistakes that cost them a great deal. Most businessmen do not yet know the full value of getting a successful branding and therefore make a lot of expensive errors. What is the logo? A company is more than just a logo and other visual artifacts to set it straight. Branding means taking advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate why customers should prefer one brand over another. Therefore, all types of communication — not only visual — are key to reinforcing this trust and making your brand top of mind with your customers. Find out how to stop branding errors, if it's a visual or strategic feature of your brand. Let's start with the technique which is ignored way much and the most common mistake-

1. Not first to describe your brand strategy

Top 10 Branding mistakes by companies - CTM
  • To understand the environment and the market and its strategic positions you need to get deeper into the segment, then identify the brand and who the consumers are.
  • Instead of creating a pretty logo that won't fit you need to build a brand strategy and recognize your business goals and concentrate on that.
  • A purely aesthetic-based claim is, after all, lost unless it can be tied to achieving a business objective.
  • Remember it's about the big picture and the goal of the brand strategy is to match the vision of a company with the experience of its customers.
  • Once you grasp the targets, you'll see that it's less about the typeface or color you like and more about what's more compelling for the target group.
  • Being on plan and message is what makes it feasible for every aspect of the job. Create the right marketing plan as an innovative client, consultant, and designer collaborations.
  • Together we need to define the company and marketing priorities which will lead the way forward. Start by drawing up a creative brief.

2. Starting with a cheap brand identification

Top 10 Branding mistakes by companies - CTM

The second mistake I see people often make is that they use cheap logo design services or, worse still, some online logo makers use them. You can pay any kind of price for a logo and identity design, but as usual, you are getting what you pay especially when it comes to service. If you employ an international branding agency, you can pay any price for a logo, anywhere from $5 on websites like Fiverr to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you pay pennies you always get some stock picture or a mashup of anything and everything. Nowadays you can hire cheap designers on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork but what you hire is not just the finished product, the deliverable, a logo. You can of course get "a logo" for cheap, but it's going to damage your business. The logo is what you do, but before you can do anything that can be worthwhile if you do it right, there's a whole phase. So even a good looking logo will not fundamentally move the needle-it won't help you get a new customer because it isn't tied to achieving a specific business goal.

3. Not differentiating your brand

Top 10 Branding mistakes by companies - CTM
  • People are bombarded with thousands of advertisements and marketing messages a day.
  • To break through the clutter your message must not only look fine but also be original.
  • Strong design can make you stand out, and not just suit. You have to be special so that people can remember you.
  • If you look like all the other companies in your space, then guess what, your customer's going to shop around and opt for the cheapest choice.
  • Why would they choose you if they don't see the difference?
  • To express your interest you need to stand out from your competitors.
  • Design is the greatest differentiator for any company, after all.
  • Yet how do you distinguish from the crowd when you just don't know who you are?
  • This all comes down to the first mistake-you have to analyze your rivals, search for different points, then identify who you are, who your customers are, and how to interact with them.
  • Don't pretend you’re not someone you are.
  • Find out who you are and use it to build on.
  • When you have a clear mission and vision in place, visual and verbal messaging can be produced to help you stand out and express your purpose.

4.  Not interacting with the right audience

Top 10 Branding mistakes by companies - CTM

As I said before, it's crucial to communicate with the right audience.
It is not just about finding a great designer you like with style. All the things which you like may not be good for your business in the long run. In short, this is where many people fall.

If you start branding, you'll need to know your target audience:

1. Where are they?

2. What is it they are doing

3. How old are they?

4. What their profits are

5. What are its needs?

If you don't communicate in a personal way with your clients, you can fall behind those rivals who do. That's just how a company works these days. If you are a startup or a company, you will find that flexibility is more important than ever. So what if you try to communicate but the audience just isn't receptive? This can be a deterrent. Luckily, you can also detect why your audience doesn't connect with your brand, and if you fix the issue, people will be more than willing to communicate with you in the future. Creating customers is a crucial step-again brand strategy is essential.

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5. Spreading/Stretching your brand too far

  • Brand extension has been one of the hottest brand marketing subjects over the last decade.
  • Most reputable firms have discovered, however, that extended brand extensions may easily go wrong.
  • Only look at the architecture of the Virgin brand, it is an utter mess.
  • Unlike conventional line extensions (i.e. from Coke Classic to Coke Diet), a brand extension leads to new and sometimes unknown territories that other large competitors can control.
  • McDonald's tried to get a piece of the pizza market but struggled to persuade customers in this emerging segment to join them.
  • For Heinz, from bottles of ketchup to mustards, he expanded his brand from disposable pens to shavers, perfumes, windsurf boards, and even ... disposable panties!
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6. Not giving great brand experience

  • According to the new In Moment study, customers believe adverse encounters with workers are the biggest reason for poor brand experiences.
  • The study was based on data from a survey in the United States of 2000 customers and 1,000 company employees. Nearly three-fourths (74 percent) of customers claim that unpleasant encounters with workers (poor attitude, lack of understanding, etc.) are a source of bad brand experiences.
  • By comparison, just 29 percent of the company employees surveyed claim that unpleasant encounters between workers play a major role in bad experiences.
  • Many top contributors to bad brand experiences cited by customers are a lack of understanding of customer needs, no staff available to assist when needed, and providing non-expected products/services.
  • Companies understate significantly the impact of bad brand experiences, the survey found.
  • About 23 percent of customers say after a bad experience they’d stop using a brand.
  • However, only 6 percent of respondents to the brand say bad experiences cause consumers to stop using their products/services.
  • Brand experience is not only about your products, but it's also about your website experience and any other touch-point where consumers come into contact with the brand.
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7. Not covering and defending

  • Also if you don't know that, everyone is struggling every day with trademarks.
  • "Trademark" is another way to refer to the trademarks, and if you want to create a real company, you have to protect your brand.
  • The buying decisions of consumers are affected by trademarks and reflect the image of those brands.
  • Business people must understand why trademarks are valuable assets and how they are helping to develop their business.
  • Can I use my Logo as a Trademark or Copyright? Do your due diligence before you spend a lot of time and resources to build a brand new?
  • Be sure you can secure the brand name and the visuals.
  • Have a clearance check to ensure the new brand is eligible and does not infringe prior rights to others.
  • Failure to study a brand before the adoption could lead to a USPTO denial of registration or, worse, a cease and desist letter from another owner of the brand.
  • Spending time and resources upfront to decide if a brand is viable will help you prevent the potentially high expense of a dispute or litigation.
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8. Inconsistent implementation of the job

  • The mistake most people make with branding isn't clear. Here I mainly refer to the visual properties. If various color schemes are used on different platforms, or the logos are switched up every month.
  • If you are inconsistent, you will not be able to build trust with your customer. You will look different every time and you will break that trust.
  • The best way to keep the brand cohesive is to build style guides, a document that describes how to take different elements and unify them into a whole framework.
  • You want the same colors on every single medium you use and the same logos.
  • Document Identity Guidelines may include different logo lockups and settings, primary and secondary color palettes, primary and secondary typefaces, image types, icons, illustrations, etc.
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  • The rules on how to use your brand assets maintain continuity if you choose to use your logo or other graphics, whether it's print or digital. Always be consistent.

9. Ignoring the symptoms of brand aging

  • One reason to embark on a rebranding process is that the work appears dated.
  • You may have started your business a long time ago and you feel like your brand is no longer on track.
  • Your rivals left you behind, your bid changes or your brand just isn't compatible with who you want.
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Here are a few thoughts on recognizing when a visual update is needed for your firm’s brand.

  • Just because you can still wear high school or college clothes doesn't necessarily mean you should! Fashion styles are often reflective of their "age" and those trends shift as time goes by.
  • Additionally, some brands are only visually dated and need an upgrade.
  • In few exceptions, the inability to creatively communicate a progressive message "with the times" may be a drawback to the brand.
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  • Don't go too far either, you do need to be important because you have to remain consistent and create a great brand.

10. Not living up to the brand commitment

  • A commitment, whether you make it or stop it, is a commitment.
  • Keeping promises matters and breaking them leaves a mark for your personal life or your professional organization.
  • We are all familiar with the feeling that a broken promise creates-it hurts.
  • Breaking the brand promise in the business world damages the trust the customer has in the company and generates a feeling of deceit.
  • When you lose that credibility, people are carrying grudges, and winning people over is very hard.
  • The more the scale of relationship, the more difficult it is to fix the break.
  • Today, consumers are concerned about the brands that they communicate within the truth of social media.
  • They are doing their research in search of brands that are real, honest, and doing what they say they are going to do.
  • A loyal and confident customer base will grow as a brand carries through with its commitments, says friend after friend, and take the brand to the Promised Land.
  • If a brand breaks its promises it also breaks the confidence of its customers.
  • On the other hand, a powerful, successful brand encourages people to feel attached to your company.
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