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How Can Colors Change Your Marketing Game?

Humans respond to their senses - That is what we have realized as an advertising agency dealing with sentiment-based marketing. This means anything that smells, looks, sounds or feels amazing becomes naturally appealing for people, and this fact is not hidden from the brands. Therefore, brands like Apple play with design and appeal in order to win customers. 

Many other brands play with colors/visual appeal to connect with their target audience. For example, McDonald's is known to use colors that appeal to children the most! Red and yellow colors create a sense of urgency and kindle appetite of the consumers. 

Since many years, big brands have been using color phycology in order to gain more customers. From the store decor to packaging, every color used is known to trigger an emotion. 

So if you are someone who wants to understand how colors can be leveraged in marketing, then this article is just for you.

We at Creative Thinks Media, a full-service marketing company have noted down the meaning of the most common colors used in various marketing collaterals.

So read till the end!

How Do Colors Work? 

According to the updated stats, 93% of users get influenced by the visual appeal of a product, and 85% make a purchase after being influenced by the colors of the product. Hence our advertising agency decoded a list of new colors and explained the emotion that they trigger or the meaning that they convey. 

  1. Red: Red is the color of passion, excitement and urgency. It is also known to trigger hunger and kindle appetite. Therefore many fast-food chains like Pizza Hut, McDonald's, KFC use red color in their marketing collaterals to attract more customers

2.  Blue: It generally conveys a feeling of security, peace, trust and reliability. Hence brands like Nokia, Nivea, Samsung, etc. use the color blue to a sense of reliability. 

3.  Green: Green is a symbol of excellent health/diet, environment or harmony. Basically, green differentiates right from wrong. Some brands with a green logo or marketing collateral are Animal Planet, EnergyAustralia, Starbucks,etc. 

4. Yellow: Yellow is usually used to show the bright side of a product. This color simply symbolizes harmony, happiness and youthfulness. Yellow also triggers a sense of urgency and enthusiasm which can make impulsive buyers make a purchase. Hence, brands like McDonald's and many other fast food joints use yellow-themed marketing collaterals. 

5. Black: Black shows seriousness, authority, sophistication. However, this color demands to be used with caution due to the negative emotions like evil or sorrow that it might convey. Black is well suited for fashion brands, while health and fitness brands stay away from it. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Puma, Chanel, etc. use black to represent their supremacy in their respective fields. 

6. Pink: Pink represents femininity and grace. It is a symbol of women's power and positivity. Many women-centric brands use this color to express their brand ideas. Some brands using the pink palette are Clovia, Barbie, Myntra etc.

7. Grey: Grey can represent two exact opposite emotions one of them being practicality and the other being old/lazy. Hence, it is vital to club grey with different colors to trigger the right emotions. Brands using grey in their color palette are Tesla, Zara, Cartier etc. 

Now when you know about emotions that some colors trigger, we are going to take examples of 3 brands that are leveraging color phycology to influence buyers. As a creative advertising agency, we have selected these brands on the basis of their color theme and logo.

1. Starbucks: If you notice the logo of Starbucks, you will notice a relaxing mermaid that delivers the message the brand is trying to give

•  The green color is indicative of trust, health and environment that explain the characteristics of the range of drinks and foods that they offer. 

•  The relaxing mermaid is a symbol of people relaxing while having a cup of coffee or beverage from Starbucks

2. Fanta: The drink retails in bottles with orange color branding on them. The company presently sells various flavors of soft drinks in the market. 

•  The orange color triggers excitement and a cheerful vibe. This helps the brand to capture impulsive buyers who want to quench their thirst with a soda drink.

•  70% of the sales for Fanta still comes from the orange flavor, which shows how colors can play with the minds of the buyers, making them buy things that look better rather than taste better. 

3. Liberty London ( This brand is a clear cut representation of quality, sophistication and supremacy. They have a purple themed logo and website that retail fashion accessories and clothes.

•  The purple color represents maturity. It is a grade above pink and represents fashion that is breaking the monotony of the industry. 

• In the world of reds, greens and pinks, their purple palette is a perfect representation of style and luxury.

This is all from our end at Creative Thinks Media. We hope you found this article's knowledge enriching and helpful. You can now easily decode how brands play with your brain when they use colors to influence your buying decisions. 

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