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Looking for a Coffee table Photobook? Design it yourself!

Coffee Table Photobook Design are a classic combination, and when the book comprises tons of pictures its makes the deal even better. Coffee table photo books are an amazing way to open up with your guests or clients making them highly appropriate for both your home and workplace. You can use these photo books to showcase your family pictures, portfolio, or design ideas. Not only do they make for some great reading material for your guests or clients but also offer a sneak peek into your life which makes them really special. So let’s start from the beginning.

Why do you need Coffee Table Photobook Design?

Photo books for Coffee Table Photobook Design at home or work are a great ice breaker. Having a photo book at your workplace instead of regular magazines not only shows your modern approach to engage with a client even before meeting them but also helps your client gather some insight about you and your work. In the same way, having a photo book at home will make for a lovely conversation starter with your guests and give them a sneak into your personality and your lifestyle.

What are the different kinds of Coffee Table Photobook Design?

There are various kinds of photo books you can choose to design, from personal to professional the list is endless. Here are a few kinds you can start with!

  1. Portfolio

Having a portfolio photo book is a great way to exhibit your work to potential clients. A portfolio photo book works for you if you have an office, share a co-working space, or work as a freelancer. It is an amazing thing to carry with you for your meetings to allow your clients to develop an understanding of your work and potential.

  • Vacation

We all love to take tons of pictures while traveling but what happens to them later? They get lost in the bottomless data of our cell phones. Creating a vacation photo book is not only a great way to store and revisit those memories but also adds a chic factor to your coffee table and works as an amazing conversation starter with your friends and family.

  • Wedding

Getting married is one of the most surreal experiences we have and there is no better way to relive it or to pass it down across the generations than via a photo book. Curating a special high-quality wedding photo book for your Coffee Table Photobook Design is surely a quick and gorgeous way to visit those fun times whenever you want and to share those moments with your loved ones without any hassles.

  • Family

Keep your collective adventures and memories up-to-date with a family photo book. Include all your year-round moments, good or bad, and hold on to your dearest ones for life. Exchange these photo books with your friends and family and get to know how their year went in the swiftest way possible!

How big or small should the Photo Book be?

This is another toil faced by beginner photo bookmakers. Your photo book is one of the most personal things you’ll ever create and thus it only makes sense for it to be as big or small as you like. You can create a 6x6 softcover photo book that encompasses mini pictures that narrate your memories or you can create a big hardcover photo book that offers high-quality images and are sturdier.

How can I create my Photo Book?

Creating a photo book is very easy all you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Upload the pictures you want to use on any photo book creating website or software.
  2. All such websites offer an array of layouts to choose from so go ahead and opt for the layout that complements your theme for the photo book.
  3. Insert the pictures in the chosen layout and set them as per your preference.
  4. Once you’ve inserted the pictures make sure to do all the editing you need. Crop the images, adjust the light, and tune it to your liking.
  5. Review the final result and once you’re pleased with it get it printed or place the order.

Our team at Creative Thinks Media is driven by the notion of preserving your memories and cherishing them. Get in touch with us today and get to know more about creating your personalized coffee table photo book.

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