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Annual Report Strategies

Every Annual Report Strategies is an opportunity to share what sets your business apart. But the manner in which businesses decide to present their reports is evolving. Elements of infographic-inspired design, including data visualizations, diagrams, and icons, are embedded in today's best annual reports. To express their message, they rely on visual content, since that content is simpler to parse and more engaging for viewers.

There are no longer enough conventional, text-heavy studies. It is time for things to turn up. This year, with some or all of these 8 approaches, turn your report into an entertaining piece of visual content.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020

Know, first of all, that the best annual reports connect in a number of ways. Infographic-inspired elements will help give readers' eyes a break for your next article.

Bold charts and graphs split the material up in the annual print study for Deloitte, one of the big 4 companies in the audit. And they put the data front and center, of course. This makes it easier to draw fast conclusions for readers and to latest website design trends in the data given. If the data were buried in a paragraph, that would be hard to identify for the readers.

 Annual Report Strategies Illustrate Your Story

Design Annual Report Strategies 2020 - Ritz Media World

You can still incorporate other visual elements if your report isn't data-heavy. Invite readers to look inside with a distinctive cover page first. Then to break your report into clear sections, use illustrations. Icons can help draw the eye to key ideas.

To tell a larger story, all of these elements can work in tandem and help your readers draw conclusions. And if you have to share some data, great! A critical piece of the visual story can form it. A visual story that is fun to explore is exemplified by the annual report by travel agency Noord. In a creative, hand-drawn style, data and characters are rendered.

With this style, elements of the storybook tie in perfectly with the subject. The overall style provides an approachable and down-to-earth feel to the report. It's hard not to love these Nordic gods riding airplanes on their backs; its visual storytelling is quite impressive.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020 - Ritz Media World

In annual reports, photography is a tried-and-true visual element. It can add a human component, or bring to life your products or services. For a dynamic feel, the annual report for Ball Corporation uses a photo of factory machinery. In the photo, the strong sense of movement leads the reader down the page.

Bold photography is able to help balance longer text blocks. Just make sure that high-resolution photos are selected to ensure that your annual report looks its best. Also, bear in mind that outside the box, the best annual reports go. Your whole design can be raised by subtle cropping or masking. Don't just go overboard.


Consider an interactive microsite if your aim is to encourage more individuals to read your report. Like the Bluetooth annual report, which allows readers to concentrate by showcasing the most important results. If you will read that report, notice how scrolling is facilitated by the subtle animations. Even simple motion can improve the experience of reading.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020 - Ritz Media World

Your Annual Report Strategies is a chance to showcase the best of your work over the past year. So why not get the most out of what you've already created? An interactive piece also helps you, such as videos or social media posts, to embed new content or existing properties. With animated icons, the immersive report for a business named Warby Parker draws readers in. It then connects to clips, blogs, and other highlights. At the same time, it's strategic and engaging:


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020

The more knowledge you have the greater the value of how you show it. So if you bury data in a lengthy article, it might never be noticed by readers. Maybe you want to cater to casual readers while supplying those who want a deeper dive with your full details.

A written report for the Seattle Department of Transportation uses an interactive experience for conveying its message. As a result, readers get to choose how more than 20,000 data points are explored. It appeals to more individuals, above all than any of the 2 formats alone would.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020

An Annual Report Strategies infographic report uses a number of visual strategies. This method pares down text, relying on pictures, icons, and details. An annual report infographic from the Sinai Urban Health Institute embraces this less-is-more approach to the text. The outcome is reader-friendly and knowledge-driven.

Notice that although the above report was created in a print format, an infographic of the annual report is just as shareable as a digital file, maybe even more so. And in that form, as a long-scrolling infographic hosted on your website; as a PDF; or as a series of mini-infographics posted on social media, it can be viewed in a number of ways. The choices are truly infinite, so choose what works best for you.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020

They can't be done on paper like some of the best annual reports. Consider a motion graphic if your aim is to improve interaction. There may not be time for most of your audience to read a long article. But in just 30 secs, a motion graphic can tell a lot. In reality, 94% of video marketers say that video has enhanced user awareness of their product or service. It's crucial to keep it simple.


Design Annual Report Strategies 2020 - Ritz Media World

So, for your next report, which format should you choose? It mainly depends on your target or goal. Above all, whether you prefer an infographic, an interactive report, a motion graphic, or a written annual report, high-quality visual communication is important. Your data/report will do far more than you think with the correct visual strategy. And making the annual report is a chance that comes just once a year.

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Design Annual Report Strategies 2020

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