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Why Can’t The Best Brand Advertising Be Radio Advertising?

Despite the emergence of the digital era, radio advertising still beams as an optimum and cost-effective way of advertising. It was just a matter of five or six years ago, the familiarity and tools related to digital advertising were very less, hence, the competition was low. Now, as every company has a dedicated team and infrastructure to handle online advertising and tracking, competition is super high. So, why not switch to good old radio advertising and reap in the benefits of traditional marketing?

Why Can’t The Best Brand Advertising Be Radio Advertising? CTM

Let us take a glance at how ‘Radio’ can be used as the best form of brand advertising even today.

  • Radio: Made For The Masses

Traditionally, radio was a common device in every household for listening to cricket scores, weather forecasts, soulful music, and important national announcements. The prime reason that we remember a song by listening to it over and over again, is a good reason for a brand jingle to be aired on radio. Radio channels deliver results much more than expected. Radio advertisements have the power to convey short messages to a large number of people, that too at the same time. Since radio is meant for local people, a familiar voice is often appreciated by the public if the messages are good enough. People bond with the radio operators over time which is good the channels as well the brands they endorse. And, unlike, digital advertisements, radio shows are aired on a daily basis and on a regular time. This keeps the listeners in anticipation of upcoming events.

The future of radio advertising

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  • Prompt Message Delivery

    Unlike, a digital advertising campaign; where budget planning, creatives, and content, and all are planned well in advance; radio content is a prompt medium. This is good for brand advertising simply because offers and special events can be announced on the radio. It is actually close to the public all the time, whether they are in the car, bus, or gym, they can tune into the channel anytime. And the good thing is, there are no ‘skip ads’ on radio channels, unlike, online advertisements.
  • Response is Faster

    If you look at most radio channel initiatives, you will notice the response from the public is tremendous. That is flattering for any radio channel willing to spread goodwill, humanity, and a lot of entertainment. Radio City has been successful in making people wake up and watch out for the bad circles in society. Their #MeraGhata initiative focused on the ill-effects of drinking; #MumbaiKiJalegi stint was about installing solar-powered LED lights in the streets were examples of how connecting with the public is easier on the radio.
  • Radio Ads are cost-effective

    Compared to digital or print media advertisements, radio presentations involve a person or a group of people speaking directly to the audience. And, the audience, in this case, could be a city, a village, a state, or a whole nation. And, a 10-second jingle would cost a company less than 1000 rupees. The rates might vary as per the industry, but, still, it will not cost a fortune. And, a lot of factors also decide the final cost of an ad, like, the time it will be aired and the location.
    So, why not make good use of the time-frame and the reach radio ads are capable of providing? Companies aiming to make a comeback or want to introduce themselves without revealing much can use radio as their best option.
  • Best Way To Bond With The Customers

    As a company, you would always want to know what a customer wants, what they feel about your product, and many such curious questions. When you introduce and showcase your product features on the radio, you will get instant feedback from the audience. Their needs, insecurities, and comfort about the product will be shared with the radio presenter as they are more close to their favorite RJ’s. If your company is offering lucrative offers, you can air it during the day time when people are most likely to go for purchasing.
  • Capitalising on Trends is Easier

    Radio advertising primarily is about human-to-human connect which cannot be achieved effectively with print and digital media. A voice that listens to you in all seasons is welcomed by the audience warmly. You can always alter your marketing strategies as per the changing trends in the city. You can host festive offers for people from time-to-time to keep consistency in your marketing. Radio has been hugely used as an entertainment medium by most people, so bringing in new trends and community-specific witty conversations is a lot easier task.
radio fm ad agency india - ctm

The top advertisers on the Indian radio were real estate, life insurance, and four-wheelers. Due to the economic slowdown in the pandemic, many brands pulled out of radio advertising. LIC was the top advertiser for the period of January to April this year; followed by Indian Oil Corporation and PhonPe. However, this situation will definitely change with time. As per reports, 240 new advertisers came forward to advertise on the radio in April 2020. So, the future can be bright for radio companies if considered to work along with its digital advertising counterparts.

radio fm ad agency india - ctm

Only time will tell if more brands will take to radio advertising for more specified targeting. Considering the economic meltdown every industry is suffering from currently, people are looking for an alternative option to make their business profitable. Since remote working is the new normal; bringing a team together in an office is not possible soon. So, there is a shortage of manpower in every company; advertisers can use this gap to try out new advertising strategies rather than feeling distraught about the situation.

If you are unsure about how to make your brand stand out in radio ads; reach out to Creative Thinks Media and boost your business. We have eleven years of experience in bringing brands alive through radio ads, including Live Reads, Sponsored Ads, and Produced Spot. We can help you by placing the ads at the right time and with the right voice. We understand every brand’s personality and offer the best possible solution for the expected ROI for the business.

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