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The Impact Of Radio Advertising In A Marketing Campaign

Although it may seem like advancement in technology and marketing means radio advertising has taken a back seat. The contrary is the case. Stats show that over 95% of Americans still listen to the radio every week. While 59% listen in daily across over 10 000 radio stations in the US alone. Additionally, reports show that 25% of listeners are more interested in a brand after listening to a radio ad. These figures go to show that radio advertising can still pack a punch for your marketing campaigns.

Need more reasons to choose radio advertising for your marketing campaigns? Let’s explore some advantages of radio advertising that makes it still effective and impactful on your marketing campaign results.

Radio Adverts are Cost-Effective 

Radio advertising costs in comparison to other advert and marketing channels are significantly less. This because it requires fewer resources to create an ad that reaches a broad audience. The beauty is that you run low costs and risks but have a high impact ad campaign and RIO. The same cannot be said for other marketing channels like TV, billboards, or social media. With these, you need to invest in a cast, crew, social influencers, and the likes to push your campaign.

But with the radio, you only need an original and creative script, a persuasive voice, and an excellent sound designer to bring your content to life. 

Radio Builds Your Brand Awareness

Generally, radio is an excellent channel for brand awareness-building campaigns. Repetition is an aspect of any brand awareness campaign. And since radio is cost-effective, you can have your ads played multiple times without causing a dent to your budget. With repetition, the listen listens to your ads several times and registers in their minds.

Your advert can get lost in the clutter for other marketing channels like digital prints or social media. But with radio advertising, your ad stands alone and connects directly to the target prospect. You can also incorporate storytelling to your radio marketing campaign to encapsulate all that makes your brand unique.

Radio Advert Avoidance Is Low

Another advantage of radio advertising is the low rate of audience advert avoidance. As marketing techniques and technology grow, we see advert avoidance plays a more prominent role in advertising decision-making. Ad avoidance proves to be a challenge in the digital space. It is because existing and potential customers find ways to divert their attention from your ad. They use ad blockers to avoid adverts and chose not to open your email ads.

For radio ads, customers seem to find the short commercial more bearable. Also, radio listeners have said that they are much more attentive while listening to the radio than watching a TV ad. The survey showed that 74% of the participants agreed that they felt they were more alert while listening to the radio than when watching television.

Radio Targets Your Market at the Perfect Time

Radio advertising effectiveness boils down to targeting. The good thing is, several radio stations already have their target customer demographics and market segments. Therefore, it is easier to choose a station where you think you can find your potential clients. It is often defined by the kind of music the station plays and the type of programs and anchors. And most importantly, what time of day your advert will run?

Thus, radio targeting needs to go beyond demographics. You will also need to include interest and time targeting. What it means is that the right people don’t only get to listen to your ad. But they also listen to it when they are actively looking to buy your kind of service or product. You can achieve time targeting with the help of radio advertising touchpoints. A radio ad touchpoint is a specific time of the day when listeners tune in to their favorite radio stations. Some of these touchpoints include:

  • Listeners on their morning commute to work.
  • Listeners after the close of work on their evening commute
  • Early morning and afternoon school runs.
  • Morning and evening workouts.
  • Saturday chores at home or lazy Sunday evenings
  • Dinner time, etc.

These are examples of standard times when listeners are home or in their cars listening to the radio. They are ideal times where your target listener will most likely interact with your radio ads. For instance, if an essay writing service like Writing Judge wants to place a radio ad targeted at students. The ideal advert interest targeting will be when schools are in session. And the target time will be during morning rides to school or after school and over the weekends.

Radio Listeners Continue to Grow

Even though radio advertising may be one of the oldest forms of ads, its reach is only growing wider. From the stats we saw at the beginning of this article, radio amounts for a large percent of media consumption. These radio services have grown to include audio services like podcasts, live, and internet radio. And as listeners shift towards podcasts, satellite radio, etc., it will not negatively impact the marketing results from radio advertising.

During 2014-2019, reports showed that the global radio advertising market grew by 2.6%. The projections show that the market will continue this moderate growth over the next five years.

Radio Allows you Track and Measure Results

Tracking your marketing camping result for a radio ad is quicker and more accurate than other traditional ad channels. You can analyze the results for radio advertising daily. If the ad is not hitting the target, you can get a new radio touchpoint to replace the previous touchpoint.

Let’s take the custom writing services Pick The Writer, for example. If their radio ad targets businesses that need a proposal or content writing services and is played between 10 am and 11 am. The chances are that the target market will miss the advert. But you can immediately track this and make the necessary changes.


Access to radio is widespread, and it continues to grow. This makes it the right platform to implement your business marketing campaigns. Besides getting easy access to your target audience, it is cost-effective with a high return on investment. You can easily track your marketing campaign progress and build brand awareness.

Indeed radio advertising continues to have a huge impact and presence in the advertising industry. Thus it is one of the top mediums you should consider using to advertise your product or services.

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