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How To Create More Backlinks And Boost Your SEO – 15 Methods To Do It

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

‘Quality Backlinks for my website’- Are you curious about how to create website backlinks and how it lets you improve the rating of your search engine. With a higher search engine rating, the website will see a major traffic boom.

It can be tricky to get links to your site, you don't actually need to buy backlinks, although many creators of content do. So you should know that there are many quick ways you can get more Quality Backlinks for free before you break the bank on backlinks.

how to create backlinks seo

We'll share 15 ways to get more backlinks and improve your search engine ranking in this post. First, we all know that it's important to have backlinks, right? Hey, but why? And anyway, what exactly are they? In order to find out, keep reading!

Quality Backlinks - What are they and how do they work?

what is seo backlinks

A backlink is a hyperlink on an external website that leads to your site. Often, external backlinks or inbound links are called backlinks.

To help you understand, here's an instance of a Quality Backlinks:

Example of backlinks

As you can see, our website has backlinks to various blogs, services, portfolios, etc.

Well, think about it in this particular way:

what is seo backlinks importance

Having a backlink is like getting a vote for your site from an external website. The more votes you have the higher the search engine results will rank on your blog.

However, not all backlinks are equivalent. If you want to improve your search engine rating, there are some forms of backlinks you need to get; it's not just about quantity. You need to get backlinks to your content or industry from authoritative sites and backlinks that are important.

how to create backlinks from wikipedia website

Relevant Quality Backlinks from other authoritative sources when your website has consistency Search engines are able to identify your website as authoritative and important to the subject for which you are also ranked. If search engines consider your site to be authoritative, they will move you higher on the results page of the search engine.

How to create backlinks for SEO

seo strategy 2020 - creative thinks media

Now that you know the significance of backlinks in SEO, let's dive into 15 ways for your website to get more backlinks.

1. Standard of Writing, Link-Worthy Material

seo content quality ctm

Offer other bloggers and business leaders the opportunity to connect back to your site by creating your own content. You can't write just any form of content, but by writing quality, link-worthy content, you need to earn those backlinks. If it's useful, actionable, unique, and important, other bloggers and websites will only connect to your content.

Do you want to learn how better content can be created? Check out our basic tips for writing conversion blog posts. Some forms of content are also available that get more shares and backlinks than others. Here are several instances of material that receives the most number of backlinks

  • ‘How-To’ articles

For getting Quality Backlinks to your website, how to articles that show readers how to do something are perfect. For example, you can write a "How to Save Money for a Holiday" blog post that can be linked to via travel blogs, websites for budgeting and finance, websites for travel agents, and more.

  • Articles in the List:
seo friendly content techniques for SEO

Articles from the list often referred to as lists, are merely articles published as lists. Articles on the list are immensely popular online because they are so simple to read. Readers can quickly search the article and read the sections that are important to them because of the numerical list.

Some of the examples for the list article are:

  • 9 Best resources for increasing your traffic and followers online Giveaway
  • 25 Best Shop Apps for Quickly Increasing Sales
  • 13 Interface Tips for Email Newsletter To Improve Clicks and Interaction
  • Quizzes                                                                                                                                   
quiz backlinks for SEO

Quizzes go online for a lot of shares because well, they're fun! Like many quizzes of popular social media pages and websites like Scoopwhoop and Buzzfeed.

Using quizzes to get more backlinks But, if you want to get more backlinks to your blog, no matter how fun it is, you probably shouldn't make a quiz like this. You need to get relevant backlinks, as we described previously. But instead of making a cute Buzzfeed-Esque questionnaire, to get more backlinks from relevant websites, create a quiz that's relevant to your niche.

  • The Definitive Guidebooks:
how to create blog and article for SEO

Bloggers love to connect to authoritative guides because without having to go into too much detail themselves, it helps them illustrate a concept to their readers. So, to get more Quality Backlinks, create lengthy, informative guides.

We've built several common definitive guides at Creative Thinks Media, such as:

  • The Definitive Guide to SEO
  • The Content Marketing Ultimate Beginner's Guide
  • The Email Marketing Beginner's Guide
  • Roundups in Statistics:
SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Statistics are also used to back up their arguments with data from other bloggers and websites. Take advantage of this and build your own statistical roundup message.

Like this website named IsItWP, a pretty impressive blog was developed by them. They created a blog post with figures and information from 100+ WordPress. This post gets lots of backlinks from other blogs and posts related to WordPress.

Any of these ideas for blog posts will help you get free and natural backlinks quickly, but we also have to note another unique form of content called content from Skyscraper. Let's explore the material of Skyscraper in the next segment.

2. Build Content from Skyscraper

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Skyscraper content is a connection building technique that includes identifying, enhancing, and duplicating the backlinks to existing common content online.

Simply search for your subject of choice on Google. For example, type "social media marketing" into the search bar if you want to write a guide on social media marketing. The findings that appear on the first page are the most common and should have the most backlinks.

From the first search results page, pick an article and write your own post that is 10X better. You can make your article longer and more in-depth, add photos of a quality that are missing in the original article, or add additional material that has not been included.

Your fresh and enhanced content on search engines should soar well beyond the current content. Then to locate the original article's backlinks, use a backlink checker tool like the one from Ahrefs. You can reach out to those sites until you find all of the sites that connect to the original post, add your superior article, and ask them instead to link to your article.

3. Start Blogging for Guest

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Guest blogging is a tried-and-true way to attract a whole new audience to your company and every guest post you land will also give you at least 1 byline backlink to your web.

The author of the guest posts, for example, gets to tell the readers a little about their experience and knowledge in the byline below and they get to add a link pointing back to their own website.

In addition, several publications allow guest bloggers to also connect to their own website within the post. This implies that you have power over which particular pages or articles in the article are connected to on your website.

Reach out to famous blogs that welcome guest entries. Only do a quick Google search for phrases like to find blogs that welcome guest posts,

  • [topic term keyword] + "write for us"
  • [topic term keyword] + 'guest post'
  • [topic phrase keyword] + 'become a contributor'

It's time to submit your pitch until you find blogs that you can contribute to! Come up with a great idea for the subject, provide a brief overview of the article, and persuade the owner of the site that their readers will be helpful with your content. You will create a lot of backlinks and get a boost in website traffic from a good guest blogging strategy.

4. Build Infographics

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

You can also use infographics to create connections, aside from writing lengthy, in-depth blog posts, which can take a lot of time.

Infographics are visual representations of information or information that are used to rapidly display details. They are one of the most shared content formats online since infographics are visual. This infographic, The Everyday Lives of Popular Creative People for instance, currently has 656 links from other pages to it.

Informative, entertaining infographics can be used by other blogs and publications to spice up their own content and connect back to the original author, you. Don't worry, to make an awesome-looking infographic, you don't need to be a pro artist. There is a range of tools for the development of visual content that let you create infographics easily. Canva and Piktochart are a pair that you can use free of charge.

5. Comment on Blogs of high quality

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Commenting on blogs is one of the best methods of having backlinks. But, blog comments have to be done correctly. If you comment on a lot of blogs without any justification behind it other than having spam, you might come across spammy.

Think of blog commenting as a way to connect with the community in order to avoid coming across as a spammer. Leaving comments on blogs gives you the ability to connect and add your opinions or advice to your peers.

Follow these measures when leaving a blog comment:

  • Acknowledge and add a compliment to the original poster by name. Hey John, another amazing message, for instance! ”
  • Provide some tips you use that could assist the author or other readers
  • Add your own link to your site or a related blog post

Be mindful, though that the blog owner might trash your comment when adding a link, thinking your link is spam. You should have a commenting account or use the comment tool to add your URL in the right place to prevent this.

On any blog, don't just comment though. Be sure to choose high-quality blogs that have a 60+ domain authority. Using a tool like MozBar, you can verify the domain authority of a blog. For online forums, this approach works just as well. Try to search the web for forums relevant to your niche and enter the discussion there as well.

6. Reply to Quora Questions Quality Backlinks

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

You can also respond to questions on Quora, similar to commenting on blogs. Quora is a question-and-answer forum where users on the Internet ask, answer, and edit questions. Questions relating to your niche on Quora can be found, answered with your expert advice, and linked back to your website.

  • Begin by creating a free Quora account.
  • Get more backlinks by answering Quora Questions
  • Then, type in your keywords in the search bar to find topics relevant to your niche. If your specialty is fitness, for example, type "fitness" into the search bar.
  • Tap on 1 of the Quora Spaces linked to fitness and browse for a question you can answer. As Quora may flag your post or delete your account, be sure to include a thoughtful response to the query, not trivial details.
  • Simply answer the question and add inside your answer a link back to your website. 

Not only does this allow you to get more backlinks for your website, but Quora users are encouraged to visit your website to see what other advice you have to share.

7. Giving testimonials Quality Backlinks

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

By giving other companies some love, you can also get more backlinks to your blog. You can agree to send a testimonial to that business in return for a connection back to your website if you love a product/service.

Many businesses use social evidence testimonials and they will feature them prominently on their homepage or a page devoted to customer success tales. These satisfied users of Shopify, for example, posted their testimonials and got a connection back to their own websites.

  • Choose your industry-related products and services or ones that help you run your company.
  • Know, make sure there is a website with a high domain authority (over 60) for the items you want.
  • You will be granted higher-quality backlinks in SEO by associating your website with a big-name website.

8. Look for Pages for Tools

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Resource pages contain a list of tools and connections that the owners of websites feel are useful to their audience. For example, a fly fishing website can have a resource page containing links to recommended fishing equipment, lists of the best fishing spots, and fly fishing tips for beginners.

You can reach out to the owners of these resource pages and ask them to add you to the list if you blog about fishing or your company sells fishing-related items. Bear in mind that many sites only placed items that they know and use on their resource pages. Try proposing a partnership instead of straight-up asking for a mention. This helps the owner of the website to get to know the product and you have a much greater opportunity to build that relationship.

Do a quick Google search for your niche keyword with words like "helpful resource pages" to find related resource pages. Or try searches like “useful links’’ and “resource list.” It will help you create more backlinks to your site and generate more traffic from your ideal customers or readers by being added to the appropriate resource pages.

9. Help out a Reporter Quality Backlinks

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an online forum for journalists to gain public input to use in their upcoming reports. Not only does this support reporters with their reports, but it provides you with chances for your website to get backlinks.

For instance, you might give a reporter your advice if you own a snow removal business to help homeowners prepare for heavy snowfall. To their post, they can add your thoughts and of course, provide a link back to your blog.

All you have to do is register with HARO and they will send source requests directly to your inbox that are important to your industry knowledge or experience. Pitch it to them and if they're interested, the reporter can contact you.

10. Be Interviewed

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

You may even reach out to magazines, blogs, and even vloggers to get interviewed, besides signing up for HARO. A perfect way to receive a backlink to your site is to have an online interview written.

  • To find websites and publications that regularly run online interviews related to your business, do some research online.
  • For starters, the website BloggingTips once had an interview series called "Meet the Bloggers" if you're a blogger.
  • With a nice email, you can contact the websites you find and let them know that you're interested in offering an interview. Remember to say a little bit about your background and how their readers will be interested in it.
  • You won't have to hunt down interviews once you've become an expert in your field, interview invites will begin to roll in.

11. Using Marketing by Influencers

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Marketing for influencers has become increasingly common in recent years. When you make a deal with an influencer, your website can be advertised, linked to, written about, posted on social media, and more.

It might seem costly to pay an influencer to promote your website, especially for influencers with millions of followers. But happily, at a more affordable price and usually, more interaction, you can work with micro-influencers (with follow-ups ranging from 10,000 to 100,000).

Plus, in exchange for free goods instead of cash, some influencers are willing to promote your website. So, hammer out a compromise that both sides profit from. You should check out a website like BuzzStream to find influencers relevant to your industry. To research influencers and create relationships with them, you can use Buzzstream.

12. Reclaim Your Notes

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

If you mention your website but do not link to it with the website, then is a lost opportunity to find a back-link to your website. To solve this problem, you need to make it your task to collect your mentions.

You can use an Awario tool to find out if your company has mentions floating around on the web without a connection. Anytime you're listed on the web, Awario will give you a warning. It's time to take action if you find a reference without a link.

Since your company was listed by the author of the material, they already know who you are. Therefore all you need to do is contact them with a nice email asking them to add a connection to the guide.

Just make sure you're just reaching out in a supportive way to writers who have listed your company. For example, if you find a blog writer who badly rated your product, you don't need to mention that.

13. Fixing the links which are broken

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Did you ever click on a web connection that led you to a 404 error page? Maybe it's because it's fairly popular. But, did you know that in order to get more backlinks to your site, you can use a 404 error? It's the perfect opportunity to replace the broken link with your own when you come across a resource page that has a broken link. The consequence of a website being taken down is a 404 error. And for the SEO of that website, the broken link is not pleasant. So, reach out to the owner of the website and let them know that on their resource page you have found a broken connection. To replace it you can give the website owner your own content. Finding broken ties on resource sites, of course, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, to make finding broken links easier, you can use a Chrome extension like Search My Links.

14. Using the Form of Moving Man

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

The Moving Man Approach, a term coined by Brian Dean at Backlinko, is a similar technique for repairing broken ties.

This time, you're searching for websites or services with links to websites that have shut down, changed titles, relocated, or discontinued a product/service, instead of looking for 404 pages. Usually, when a site connects to another site that has undergone either of these modifications, it will take users to a blank page.

This is different from the creation of broken ties because the relations are not necessarily broken, they are merely obsolete. You can do a quick Google search to find pages that have changed or relocated, like:

KEYWORD + 'page no longer exists' or KEYWORD + 'service no longer available'

Once you find a page that fits the requirements, you can find all the links leading to the obsolete page using a tool like Ahrefs. Then, inform the owner of the site that links to it and offer to replace it with your own content. Chances are they're going to be pleased with your backlink to update their site.

15. Competitor Spying

SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

Finally, it's smart to learn from the best if you want to get more backlinks to your webpage. You can see the link-building methods that make them so effective by spying on your competitors.

There are a variety of ways that you can spy on the link-building strategies of your rivals, such as:

  • Every time they publish new material, sign up for their email newsletter to get notified
  • Creating a Google Alert for their business name to see their online name every time
  • To check the backlinks of your top competitors by using a tool like Monitor Backlinks
  • You can do the same to duplicate their success when you discover which link-building strategies your rivals are using the most.

Spying on your rivals will allow you to become just as good as they are at building backlinks. Soon, in the search engine rankings, you can overtake them with time and some practice.

You've got it there! You now have 15 new ways to get more backlinks and boost the rating of your search engine. Start putting into action some of these ideas and your website will quickly climb to the top of the search engine rankings.

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SEO Quality Backlinks Techniques 2024 - Ritz Media World

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