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Instagram VS. Facebook: The Big Social Media Debate

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

Both Facebook VS Instagram Marketing are the biggest rivals in the list of top sites for social media. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is at the top of the list. With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is vying with WeChat for fourth place. In a couple of years, Instagram took a huge leap and gained too much attention compared to any other site on social media. That's how the contrast between Instagram and Facebook begins.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

Different types of individuals share their opinions on which one is better. In essence, the view is based on graphics, ease of use, and benefits. Let's start from the root and explore some key similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram. This will allow you to know which is more valuable for you.

How are Facebook VS Instagram Marketing comparable?

Both Facebook VS Instagram Marketing have a large number of users. They have some common characteristics that look identical due to the existence of social media.

Similarities Between Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing
  • Follow People: On Instagram as well as on Facebook, you can add or follow your family members, acquaintances, and even unknown individuals. Both have the characteristics to communicate with individuals. Often on Facebook and Instagram, you can also find your favorite celebrity.
Facebook VS Instagram Marketing
  • Block people: Often people don't want to see specific people or to be in touch with them. In social media, a block option exists for this reason. Stalkers or any other entity may be blocked so that they can no longer see your behavior. On both Instagram and Facebook, the Block feature is available.
  • Online Store: In the last few decades, online business has become popular. For online businesses, a huge number of users make social networking sites great. On Instagram or Facebook, you can easily create an online store and earn cash easily.
  • Post & Tag: One of the key factors for social media sites' success is that they encourage a user to share their activity with them. You can share and tag photos or videos.
  • Like, Comment & Share: Without engaging via social media with other people, there's no fun. That is why this awesome feature is sponsored by both Facebook VS Instagram Marketing. With the Like, Comment & Share feature, you can keep your loved ones linked. You will like their pictures and even share them with other people and comment on them.

What are the variations/differences between Facebook VS Instagram Marketing?

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

Where Instagram and Facebook have some similarities, there are also some variations. Here are several distinctions that distinguish them from each other.

  • No Gaming Feature: Gaming is one of the best hobbies for family or friends to enjoy. Facebook offers thousands of games to enjoy, including Candy Crush, Dragon City, Criminal Case, Farm Ville, and many more. They are all free to use But on Instagram, there isn't a gaming option. Instagram has IGTV for entertainment, where you can enjoy loads of entertaining videos each day.
  • Can't share ideas: Facebook enables a person to upload photos/videos, messages, and chatting features, share their thoughts. But you can only upload pics/videos to share and talk with people on Instagram. The exchanging of thoughts is not a feature.
  • Less PC functionality: On mobile and a PC, Facebook offers the same features. But Instagram doesn't have the same PC features you have on a smartphone. There's nothing you can share on Instagram while using it on a PC. You can only see the updates of the people you follow.
  • No Post Without Pic: Instagram does not allow you to share a post that only contains the text. For that, you must upload a picture or video. On the other hand, without uploading a single picture, you can easily share an unrestricted message.
Facebook VS Instagram Marketing
  • Post Limitation: Instagram enables a user to post 10 photos at a time. More than 10 photos can be shared at once. You have to continue the procedure for that. You can upload a minimum of 30 photos at once on Facebook. This is 300% more than the number on Instagram.
  • Post Nature: Because Facebook offers numerous features for uploading pics, many people use it in the wrong way. Thousands of Facebook photos are not polished and speak more like a brand rather than an individual. Compared to Facebook, there are more users with photos on Instagram.

For instance, you went with your friends to a coffee shop, took a selfie and posted it on Instagram. That is how sharing on Instagram is more enjoyable.

Which out of Facebook or Instagram is safer?

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

Being Instagram's parent organization, Facebook shares the same privacy term that is used in itself. Although there are some more privacy features on Facebook. You can customize your every article for example, as per the user.

Both Facebook and Instagram store data for users and allow access to third-party authorizations. You can control your activity by activating these features of third-party apps. But within a few steps, you can easily delete the access at any time.

To keep your account safe on FaceBook and Instagram, here are some tips:

  • For better protection, make your account public or private. It protects your account from stalking and theft of identity. Never engage with those accounts that are suspicious.
  • Build a powerful password that no one can guess. Avoid using the password for your year of birth, mobile number, or ex-name. To make it complicated and difficult to guess, use the upper lower case with numbers.
  • Sharing your position can often put you in danger. You should not share your every little activity with everyone, just like the place. This might put you in trouble.
  • Select a private network instead of a public network. Hackers and other cyber threats, such as coffee shop wifi, are more involved in the public network.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing- What to post on them?

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

What you're posting and where you are posting, really counts. Where a post of yours on a social media site like Facebook works well, on Instagram, that doesn't mean it gives the same result. To meet your followers/friends, you have to use the correct post.

1. Links

Facebook makes it possible for a user to post a link to each post. You can easily turn your Facebook followers into your website traffic with this functionality.

Instagram doesn't send you the links feature in the post section, unlike Facebook. Still, if you want to urgently post a connection you can do that so you can use the section on the profile.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

2. Captions and Text

For those people who write, the long text support function of Facebook is really helpful. A writer or influencer can express his or her thoughts easily or can influence the text with his or her followers.

Instagram does not provide lengthy text features, but it still has the caption & hashtag feature. A short and attractive caption can be written and a limit of 30 hashtags can be used under the caption.

3. Pictures

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

One of Facebook's greatest benefits is sharing several pictures at once. However many users do not know how to take advantage of this function. Most of the pictures on your post must be engaging for your followers.

Instagram has 10 features for uploading photos at home, but the great user-friendly interface benefit is greater here. Only post some pictures that co-relate with each other. You will definitely gain more exposure and benefit from pictures.

Which is better among Instagram and Facebook, for business?

If you know how to use it, social media websites can be your Ace of Spades for your business. But the tough scenario comes when you have to pick one of the two. Here are several points that will help you select the best social media channel.

  • Active users

There are more than 2.38 billion active users on Facebook, with Instagram having around 1 billion. Between Facebook and Instagram, there are a massive gap between inactive users.

For a business owner, a higher audience indicates a greater likelihood of a sale. So if you're looking for a number, it's better for you than Facebook. Facebook is the winner of Instagram vs. Facebook in terms of quantity.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook vs Instagram ads

89% of advertisers use Facebook for their business, which is a lot more than Instagram. There are many reasons for this like Facebook was started before Instagram, Facebook has more features, etc. On the other hand, Instagram is used by 65% of current users, which is less than Facebook.

  • Type of Customers

The majority of individuals who use Facebook are mature and belong to the age group of 25-60. That implies that a greater number of individuals are self-independent. But the majority of users on Instagram belong to the 13-30 age group. Also, Facebook advertising costs are lower and more flexible than Instagram. This clearly shows why advertisers chose Facebook over Instagram.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing
  • Involvement

Compared with Facebook VS Instagram Marketing is quick when it comes to user interaction. When a Facebook post gets 20-30 likes on Facebook, more than a hundred likes can easily be reached by the same post on Instagram. So you have to pick Instagram over Facebook if you want to engage more customers.

  • Attraction

The instant appeal is the greatest benefit of using Instagram. If you open Instagram, you see the first contact message whereas there are various items on Facebook, such as stories, post features, and other things. Instagram visuals also make pictures more appealing and engaging than Facebook.

Conclusion - Facebook vs Instagram - Which one is better.

Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

It's like picking one team from Team Cap and Team Iron Man to select one platform between Instagram and Facebook. Both are powerful and in their own way the best social networking sites. The best for you is if you offer more attention to visuals and are interested in photos, videos, and presentations than Instagram. If you like to write and both text and photos are more versatile, then you can easily influence people on Facebook.

In terms of advertising, Instagram advertising is more creative, innovative, and caters more to a young audience whereas Facebook advertising is less costly. Both sites for social media are open, nice, and quick to use. A greater probability of performance is generated by using both channels at the same time.

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Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

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Facebook VS Instagram Marketing

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